Pokémon Masters Personality Quiz Pairs You With Trainer, Pokémon

Earlier this month, the Japanese Pokémon Center website launched a personality quiz that assigned participants a Pokémon and gave insight into what type of worker they are (resident Dragonite here). The franchise has a new quiz out to help promote DeNA’s Pokémon Masterssmartphone game that will assign you a trainer and lead Pokémon.

The questions offer two choices and are random. Most are fairly simple and could be deciphered with an auto-translator. The game assigned me the Gym Leader Clair (Ibuki) and her Kingdra because my choices of preferring shopping over camping and being a good listener also mean I am not one to be trifled with. Pokémon quizzes have a way of finding your hidden powers! Or at the very least, I’m consistently a Dragon-type.


Pokémon Masters lets players “battle alongside your favorite PokémonTrainers from the main series RPGs.” Important Trainers from past Pokémon games appear in the smartphone game in Sync Pairs with a single Pokémon. Players form groups of three Sync Pairs to participate in three-versus-three battles to try to win a tournament on the artificial island of Pasio. The game’s real-time battles have players use a moving gauge to attack as quickly as possible and fill the gauge. Trainers themselves can also use moves to heal Pokémon or raise their stats.

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