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Where to buy anime figures?
You have come to the right place, here we offer you the best original and cheap anime figures.

On our website created for anime lovers, you will discover that each figure is made under the highest quality standards.

Our anime figures are certified by the creators of said anime, they are licensed, we have not taken a bit of porcelain and shaped it. This is not how our online figures system works.

We offer you the best anime figures that you will not find on another online website. Then there is nothing left to say, take that final step and decide for the best. Take home your anime figure from our website. The guarantee is more than given in each of them.

Types of anime figures

Nendoroid figures:
These are characterized by having some disproportionate part of the body, usually the head, they are curious.

The first Nendoroid figure came out in 2006 and the manufacturer was Good Smile Company, they have released hundreds of Nendoroid Figures from dozens of Anime, Manga and Video Games that are highly sought after by collectors.

They have a kawaii aesthetic, with childish features and a large head compared to the body, Cibi style.

Articulated Figures:
These are the most famous and the most coveted, it is obvious since you can have your favorite anime character in your hands with an exact proportion, details and the possibility of posing them in different ways.

Of course, the brand of the figure will also depend on the level of quality, it can come with accessories, change faces, hands, curiously there are 30-centimeter figures that are articulated and of good quality.

Figma Figures (Fixed/Statuette):
These figures converge with the articulated ones, they are fixed figures only with an impressive level of detail, there can be from small to large 30 centimeters, some are usually quite expensive either because of the brand and the level of detail, you can have waifus and heroes with a perfect level of detail.

Anime Figure Marks
Most of the quality figures are made of PVC plastic (plastic used in drainage pipes that does not deteriorate easily) whose molding of this plastic is complicated and the painting must be special, that’s why the size is a point critical, the very careful painting and the quality of work that was handled.

That is why brands play an important role here since certain companies already have their recognition that helps them more in creating new figures and may have the possibility of attracting more people to buy these products.

Here I leave the best brands of anime figures:

-Goodsmile company



-Super action statues

-Real action figures



-Play arts


Now when you are in the world of collecting one can see the infinite varieties, I am talking about buying such a figure because it has unique aspects that attract you or are curious, such as the accessories and gestures that these figures can have, either because they are seen on the series in which the character appears or play with the possibilities of doing very curious things with accessories and gestures, but it is these aspects that make you want the figure more.

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