obanai iguro


Obanai Iguro is a demon hunter, a member of the Hashiras, better known as the Serpent Pillar within the Demon Slaying Corps.

How is he physically he?
Obanai is a man of medium height, cream-colored skin, slightly long black hair and heterochromia; that is, he has eyes of different colors: the left one is turquoise and the right one is yellow.

He is characterized by always having his lips covered with bandages, this to cover a childhood wound of his when his mouth was cut from its corners to the height of his ears to resemble a snake.

He always carries on his shoulders, and coiled around his neck, a white snake named Kaburamaru, who is his pet.

It should be noted that during the confrontation against Muzan Kibutsuji, Obanai received three parallel cuts on his face, which left him blind.

Obanai Iguro is very attached to the code of conduct of the Demon Extermination Corps, so he unceremoniously enforces its rules, trying to force the rest to practice them.

Because he has a very high ego, he considers the young Demon Hunter recruits to be very weak and no match for him.

He is in love with Mitsuri Kanrōji (Pillar of Love), but he does not dare to confess his feelings to her, because he hates himself for being born in an immoral clan, from which – according to him – he would leave if he first dies and reincarnates in a completely different life.

Why does he hate his past?
Obanai Iguro hates his origins for having been born into a family of thieves and rustlers. For 370 years, in his family only women were born, but when he was born he was considered a curse, so he was locked up as soon as he came into this world until he was twelve years old. After being released, he was introduced to a woman who had half of his body like that of a snake, but was actually a demon.

It is known that at the beginning, as soon as Obanai was born, he had to be sacrificed for that woman, but since he had strange eyes, they let him live a little longer until he became a bigger sacrifice. When he sees it, he tells her that he will make her mouth like hers, something her own family does by cutting it off until it resembles a snake.

With the help of the only being he trusted, his pet Kaburamaru, he runs away, but is chased by that demon; he fortunately passed through the place the Pillar of Fire and rescues him.

Obanai Iguro’s powers
Being a Hashira or Pillar, Obanai Iguro is the strongest of all the swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps. Among his powers are:

Increased strength.
Increased physical resistance.
Ability to read air currents and fight when he lost his sight.

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